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The crowdfunding industry has grown at an exponential rate over the years. The range of campaigns that gain traction through crowdfunding is limitless, from hardware to software. However, in addition to the successes, there have been numerous failures. Campaigns with promising ideas and concepts cannot always attract traffic and gain exposure, even if their campaign page contains all of the necessary elements. So, what’s holding them back from gaining that exposure? It all boils down to how you promote your campaign, if you ask me.

You will never be able to give your campaign the extra exposure it requires unless you promote it. Here are some solutions for promoting your crowdfunding campaign, whether through social media or dedicated ads.

Ways To Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Via Email

The most effective way of communicating before and during the campaign is, without a doubt. During the weeks leading up to the launch of your campaign, you should build a high-quality email list using a form on your website, ideally on a dedicated landing page that explains clearly what you’re doing (i.e., a crowdfunding campaign!) and why. You can direct traffic to this landing page using your existing email lists (customers, newsletter subscribers, etc.) and the majority of the other methods listed below.

Through Own Website

Put up a clear banner indicating that you will be crowdfunding soon, directing traffic to the above-mentioned landing page. Consider writing blog posts (about the raise and other relevant topics) as well, keeping in mind that SEO is a medium to the long-term game.

Through Instagram

Facebook used to be a fantastic tool, but brands now have to pay to reach even their own followers. As of October 2019, there is still hope for a brand to gain good organic reach on Instagram. Begin early and cultivate a following through carefully curated images and stories.

Through Facebook Ads

Highly recommended for a rewards-based campaign (with proper segmentation and A/B testing) that drives traffic to the first point’s landing page. They aren’t as effective for equity crowdfunding. Fortunately, you can create Facebook and Instagram Ads simultaneously to hit two birds with one stone.

Through Twitter And LinkedIn

With a slightly older audience profile, these are excellent platforms for finding and conversing with business angels. However, the most effective way to use these channels is, without a doubt, through your personal profile. Edit it so that it’s clear that you’ll be crowdfunding and that the most relevant accomplishments are highlighted. Update your company profile and use it to share milestones. Increase your credibility by blogging on the platform and participating in industry conversations.

Through Influencers

If you have a physical product or an app, you should think about reaching out to relevant influencers to reach a larger audience. In my experience, and the context of a crowdfunding campaign, micro-influencers with a large following perform far better than macro-influencers.

Through Google Ads

Consider embedding a pixel on your website to retarget visitors to relevant pages. You could also experiment with search ads, but be cautious because they can be costly! While Facebook is important in advertising, Google cannot be overlooked. Google is the place to focus on ranking and being popular among the keywords that matter, from your website to your campaign page. Consider consulting with a Google Ads agency that can assist you in focusing on the keywords that are most important for promoting your campaign.

Through Press

Running a crowdfunding campaign is not news in and of itself, but if you can weave a good story about your company’s mission and milestones into it, journalists will listen. Before you ask for coverage, build a relationship with the journalist. One method is to work with them by responding to their requests.

Having One To One Meetings

A one-on-one meeting with a potential investor is recommended for equity crowdfunding campaigns. But be wary of time wasters! One-on-one meetings are also crucial for reward-based campaigns, particularly for potential big backers like shop owners and buyers from retailers who may order multiple products during the campaign.

Through Crowdfunding Platforms

Before you launch, some platforms, such as O-Bless, Indiegogo, or Seedrs, can provide marketing services such as creating a landing page on the platform and emailing their community. It does have a cost, but it can be very effective!

Once your campaign is live, you’ll have access to tools like campaign updates, campaign discussion forums, and specific funding milestones that will allow you to reach the platform’s community. Make good use of them!

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