Child health crowdfunding is used to support research

 What Is a Child Health Crowdfunding Campaign?

Do you need money to help care for your children? Do you want to raise funds for a new computer, school supplies, or other small expenses? If so, you may want to consider starting a crowdfunding campaign. Let’s understand what crowdfunding is and what role child health crowdfunding campaigns play. What Is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is […]

Crowdfunding Platform Tips

Crowdfunding: What platform should you use?

Crowdfunding is no longer a new phenomenon today. It has become a popular fundraising strategy to raise funds for a business, project, or cause through a large group of people online. Companies and individuals can use it to garner support for their ideas. There are three types of crowdfunding: reward, debt, and equity. A reward […]


Is Crowdfunding Legal In India 

Crowdfunding originated in the west and made its mark in India, especially during the pandemic Covid-19. People have realized the importance of crowdfunding platforms. Concerning its legality, people are still unsure. In this blog, we will study varied types of crowdfunding and learn about their legality in India.  Th current results show how crowdfunding has […]

How To Raise More Money For Medical Crowdfunding?

People who lack financial resources now have the chance to get the necessary medical care thanks to medical crowdfunding. Despite the growing popularity of medical crowdfunding, our knowledge of the effectiveness of these campaigns is incomplete and fragmented. Medical crowdfunding has emerged as a growing area for fundraising opportunities. The absence of health insurance, the […]

Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding is a relatively new phenomenon that exploded on the internet just a few years ago. Since then, it has rapidly evolved and, at present, is the most popular funding method for start-ups, large reputable businesses, and charities alike.  So, that comes to the question, what is crowdfunding, how do you choose the right platform, […]

emergency relief crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: What you need to know

Developing a new project or launching a new start-up requires financial support or backing, which in many cases, most budding entrepreneurs do not have. But fortunately enough, there are many ways to raise the capital, such as leveraging on relationships with family or friends, finding investors, getting a loan from a bank, or taking up […]

Cancer Fundraising Tips To Know 

Cancer Fundraising Tips To Know 

Cancer Fundraising Tips To Know  Cancer-affected patients are increasing in number. A crowdfunding platform can support the cause to raise the money immediately. Online fundraising can support you financially and emotionally to relieve you of the burden and helps you focus on your health.  Crowdfunding is the best way to support a family or a […]

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