Successful medical crowdfunding sites

Medical crowdfunding refers to raising money from a large number of people in small amounts, usually on the internet. Its primary intent is to contribute to medical treatment and meet medical expenses. Such small investments ultimately fulfill the funding requirements, which otherwise would be impossible.

Medical crowdfunding

Medical crowdfunding has gained popularity for its capability to help people suffering from various medical ailments that require finance, which typical health insurance does not cover.

It is a platform wherein an individual or an organization can generate the money required to meet costly medical treatments such as cancer, open heart surgeries, bone marrow treatment, etc. Moreover, hospital stays, chemotherapy for cancer treatment, and other medical expenses will also cost higher.No worries! A crowdfunding campaign will help you finance them.

  1. Ketto

Various platforms support the cause. Ketto is one such successful crowdfunding platform that provides convenient means to have the support of your family, friends, and others who are willing to support the cause.

The platforms enable an easy fundraising campaign to cover health expenses and give way to people willing to support. People choose medical crowdfunding because of costly treatment, stressful loan repayment, and money requirement during emergencies.

Ketto helps you start a fundraiser for free and offers 24×7 support through the complete fundraiser journey. Furthermore, the site accepts donations of various currencies, and you can retrieve the amount anytime. Also, the site accepts cards, net banking, online wallet, and UPI. You will gain recent updates about the fundraiser’s

progress through real-time dashboard access.

For instance, Ketto has raised a medical crowdfunding campaign, which helped a person undergo

a successful liver transplant. Secondly, the child’s critical health was restored through the timely

support of online fundraising.

  1. GoFundMe

GoFundMe supports emergency financial assistance through medical crowdfunding. The platforms support crowdfunding for the following reasons:

  • Helps spread your purpose among friends, family, and even strangers likely to support you during difficult times.
  • Facilitates users to withdraw amounts as they keep building
  • Helps create awareness about healthcare systems and specific medical conditions

Here are some best practices for medical crowdfunding

Seek help:

Gain the help of family or friends who can help raise money because the patient requires sufficient rest. So, let someone work on your behalf to present the fundraiser story.

Be bold in presenting your story

A simple story presented clearly will gain people’s attention. Many people will understand your medical emergency and will donate. Also, a fundraiser title will help gain people’s attention to study your fundraiser story.

Present visuals

Photos are the best way to take your fundraising to the next level. Of course, it is difficult for patients to pose for a photograph while going through pain. However, such action is essential to gain the empathy of people.

Social media

Social media gives a unique opportunity to connect with people globally. Initiate the action by asking your family or friends to promote it on their social media accounts to increase views. The social media post should be short and have a link that redirects users to the fundraising page to make an easy donation in simple and quick steps.

With such a strategy, GoFundMe is a successful example of crowdfunding as it helped many people restore their health after suffering severe medical ailments.

  1. Impact Guru

Impact Guru platform supports medical crowdfunding. The platform helps raise money for a kidney transplants, cancer, liver transplant, accident, or covid-19 support. Crowdfunding benefits include affordability, accessibility, emergency fundraising, monthly donations, and financial security.

The platform has treated over 25000 patients so far and has rendered necessary treatment on time. Also, the platform offers tools that help raise money globally. The crowdfunding process comprises three main steps: 1. Start a free fundraising campaign 2. Please share it with family and friends 3. Withdraw donations during any point of fundraising. Thus, Impact Guru has significantly impacted people for medical crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding platforms have been successful in helping many people with a medical emergencies. Not always will you be independent to serve the medical requirements out of your pockets. Hence choosing a crowdfunding platform is advisable, for it helps you fight against critical ailments and live everyday life.

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