Crowdfunding is Proving to be a Low-Cost Healthcare

Crowdfunding can be a huge relief to patients who do not have healthcare insurance because it helps them raise funds online without the pressure of paying back the amount. It is entirely satisfactory for their families and those already having a rough patch because of all the medical expenses. Countless innocent lives could otherwise be […]

Crowdfunding for Films

Raise money for your film via crowdfunding

Telling a story is easy but showing it on the big screen requires a lot of tools and equipment to create the magic. Directing even a short film involves a lot of monetary issues, from renting equipment to finalizing the location and hiring actors to design their costumes. Similarly, when making a feature film, you […]

Medical crowdfunding in a healthcare

Healthcare Financing Made Possible By Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a type of finance where many smaller contributions are combined to support a single project. Crowdfunding has grown in popularity thanks to the development of social media and other online platforms. Crowdfunding is a beneficial and well-liked method for promoting philanthropic or ideological causes. Healthcare crowdfunding is becoming more common in this area. […]

Equity Crowdfunding Market Size for Health Care?

The size of the healthcare equity crowdfunding market?

Medical crowdfunding uses websites to request donations to pay for medical expenses or associated costs. It is seen by many as a potential answer to the government’s cuts to public health spending. Even though medical crowdfunding is still a relatively new phenomenon in terms of total money, it is swiftly gaining popularity across the globe. […]

Types of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding basics for your business 

  Crowdfunding can serve your business needs. How? Here are the details you have to know about crowdfunding: Crowdfunding, as the name suggests, is the crowd’s involvement in funding a project or a business, which traditionally happens with one or two major investors. Crowdfunding is divided into four categories: debt, donation, rewards, or equity. A […]

Best Crowdfunding Practices 

How Crowdfunding Helps Raise Funds Online?

Crowdfunding is transforming the traditional means of raising funds. It provides financial support to people in an emergency or any other worthy or genuine cause. Usually, not all are financially capable of supporting the ever-increasing cost of medical treatment. Crowdfunding comes to aid in raising funds online effectively to support such causes. What are the […]

Raising funds for crowdfunding education

A fundraising campaign for crowdfunding education

By setting up a fundraising page and inviting people to donate, crowdsourcing is a way to raise money online. Crowdfunding can be used to raise money for anything, including university crowdfunding, from business endeavors to charitable endeavors, medical costs, and other expenses. Ask for donations and invite family and friends to visit your page. Instead, […]

Crowdfunding sites are a valuable resource

Know About Top Medical Crowding Sites

Medical students often take out loans to afford tuition, books, and living costs. However, they may be able to get help from medical crowdfunding sites. A crowdfunding campaign may be the perfect solution if you’re looking for an easy way to raise money. Some medical students’ most popular crowdfunding sites are GoFundMe and Indiegogo. These […]

Equity Crowdfunding for Film Making

How To Perform Equity Crowdfunding for Film Making?

The film industry is currently in need of investors. More than ever, there are opportunities to raise capital for producing your film. Crowdfunding is a crucial channel for financing filmmakers.  Raising money for a film Film making is time consuming and costly process. Unless you are rich, it is tough to get on with filmmaking […]

How Lives Transform With Crowdfunding

How can crowdfunding transform people’s lives? 

Crowdfunding has been gaining popularity in recent times. The crowdfunding concept is new in India and comes with many challenges. What majorly concerns is trust. The idea is about asking many people for money according to their capabilities and interest. Crowdfunding is an excellent opportunity for people experiencing financial crises. It can help people meet […]

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