Crowdfunding is an online forum that showcases an idea to waiting investors. Crowdfunding has become very famous in the past few years. It has given an opportunity to entrepreneurs to raise thousands or millions of dollars from all around the world with money to invest.

About Kickstarter

There have been many crowdfunding platforms in the past, and with time, they are growing by leaps and bounds. One of the famous crowdfunding platforms is Kickstarter. It was launched in 2009 and soon after became a crowdfunding model pioneer. It has funded many projects to date, and because of its success, Kickstarter has become a brand in crowdfunding. It has launched several successful businesses, primarily technology-based ones.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration while planning a crowdfunding campaign. You will have to be clear about your mission, the fund required for the project, the promotional activities for the crowdfunding, the target audience, and the medium through which you are going to appeal to your target audience.

Kickstarter projects

If we look into this year’s statistics for Kickstarter crowdfund projects, we can see that more than 500,000 projects were launched by Kickstarter in total, out of which more than 200,000 projects were successfully funded through the platform.

There are many categories on Kickstarter, and the types that get the most number of pledges are games, designs, and technology. However, 10% of all the projects on Kickstarter never receive a single pledge. Additionally, 60.89% of all projects fail. But there are still many projects that are heavily pledged on the platform.

Most funded Kickstarter projects in 2022

Let’s have a look at some of them that were most funded in 2022 by Kickstarter.

  1. Brandon Sanderson novels

During the pandemic, Brandon Sanderson had written four books and was looking for an audience to fund his project. He was looking to raise $1 million on Kickstarter but got a lot more than he bargained for. This project proved to be the biggest campaign in the history of Kickstarter. It raised more than $41 million from more than 185,000 backers.

  1. Pebble Time watch

The campaign for this watch hit at the perfect time when wearables were becoming visually appealing, and technology was quickly improving. It raised more than $21 million from more than 80 thousand backers. However, two years later, the company racked up millions in debt, and finally, Pebble was purchased by Fitbit for $23 million.

  1. Coolest Cooler

This cooler was a product made with parties in mind. It has a built-in blender, LED lid light, and a battery USB charger. It keeps your drinks cold, and the waterproof Bluetooth speaker will meanwhile keep everyone dancing on the floor. Coolest Cooler was one of the top most funded projects by Kickstarter that turned into a successful business. It raised an amount of $13 million with more than 60 thousand backers.

  1. Frosthaven

This ambitious board game just wrapped up under $13 million in funds from its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Frosthaven defied the pervasive cultural and financial doom and gloom to demonstrate that some individuals are still prepared to spend $100 on an outrageous tabletop game, even in the direst circumstances. It achieved the highest score ever for a board game.

  1. Pebble 2

Before Fitbit purchased it, Pebble 2 was the final Kickstarter project by Pebble Technology. It raised more than $12 million with around 67 thousand backers. This was the time when they were competing against Apple, Samsung, and a flooded smartwatch market. The biggest problem for the business was not the technology or the demand, it was the infrastructure.

Final Thought

Creating any crowdfunding campaign is challenging to know what will appeal to your target audience the most. To start any crowdfunding project on Kickstarter also follows the same rule. However, this platform guides you along the way to create and design your project. There is not one specific thing that the backers are looking for on Kickstarter. They always want something innovative and unique before they decide to fund it.

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