Cancer Fundraising Tips To Know 

Cancer Fundraising Tips To Know 

Cancer-affected patients are increasing in number. A crowdfunding platform can support the cause to raise the money immediately. Online fundraising can support you financially and emotionally to relieve you of the burden and helps you focus on your health. 

Crowdfunding is the best way to support a family or a friend who has cancer. Also, the transactions are safe and secure as the money gets directly deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account. Either you can donate personally or contribute to any capable organization. 

Significant Advantages Of A Fundraising Plan 

  • Helps share fundraising causes easily through the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Helps create photos, videos, and fundraising updates depicting your purpose
  • It helps manage and access funds easily as they are gathered in one common place. 

Cancer Fundraising Tips

Initiating and executing a fundraising plan consumes time and energy. It is even tough to focus on gaining finance while undergoing treatment. Hence, it is necessary to take the help of the fundraising team, who can help you on your behalf. 

A friend or a family member can manage and execute the team to spread the word about the cause. Also, they can ensure an organized process by creating an effective fundraising plan. Also, one can take the help of some valuable tools which can generate money efficiently. 

Be clear about your financial goals

Cancer treatment usually costs more money. Government and the NGOs can contribute some amount. However, these sources may not fully finance the cause. So, you need to be transparent about your financial requirements so that people will understand your objective. 

Generate a story

The fundraising story can significantly impact your fundraising success. Your contributors would like to listen to you. Be honest in your expression. Incorporating the below elements in your account can make a difference. 

  • What is the treatment you will undergo?
  • How much does it cost for the treatment?
  • How will the funds help you? 

If you cannot do this individually, take the help of a friend or a family member. 

Fundraiser letter

Asking people for help is not always an easy job. At the same time, your close friends are ready to help you. A fundraising letter helps generate a network. You can send emails stating your story in brief about your fundraising plan with an added link asking them to click it to get some extra information.

Update frequently

Sharing frequent updates helps the supporters know how things are working. It helps to know if more financial assistance is required. Handling such updates during the treatment is not healthy. So your close friend or associate can do it. 

Organize a walk

Holding a race can helps fundraise for cancer treatment. All the like-minded people can come together to raise more ideas and contribute to the fundraising. 

Donate with homemade sale

If you are not making it to the race, you can make money by selling homemade items. For instance, you can bake a cake at home and put it for sale.

Organize the tree planting 

You can choose your home or a community to plant trees. Post selecting the location, you can collect the saplings and sell them to those interested. Also, ensure that the guests are transparent about the cause of the sale. Also, you can set up some snacks and beverages for the guests who come to make sales.

Take other people’s help

Never think your journey is alone. O-Bless’s crowdfunding platform can help you generate the required funds to meet your purpose. O-Bless helps connect the donors and benefactors globally to support financially during need. The platform helps connect individual campaigners and various NGOs to gain the necessary support.

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