Crowdfunding for Films

Telling a story is easy but showing it on the big screen requires a lot of tools and equipment to create the magic. Directing even a short film involves a lot of monetary issues, from renting equipment to finalizing the location and hiring actors to design their costumes.

Similarly, when making a feature film, you must hire a crew of actors and technicians, along with the properties and other equipment. You will also have to pay for promotional activities and film distribution during post-production. Crowdfunding has always been a platform for raising funds for a cause. Still, since the movie ”Veronica Mars” became the undisputed crowdfund movie champ, directors are willing to turn to the platform for their big-budget productions or indie flicks.

How to Successfully Crowdfund for Films?

Raising money through crowdfunding is a challenging task; there have to be specific strategies that need to be taken into consideration. You must make the most of these crowdfunding platforms to engage your supporters, who may help you bring your film to the big screen.

Every filmmaker has their approach to funding their movie, but there are some vital strategies you can follow to maximize your chances of crowdfunding for films that can be a success.

  • Choosing a crowdfunding platform

The first and most crucial step in crowdfunding is to decide on a platform that will cater to all your needs. Make sure you understand the working of the crowdfunding platforms before selecting any of them for your crowdfunding campaign. Some of the top crowdfunding platforms for films are:

  • Kickstarter:It is easy to use and quite popular in film crowdfunding campaigns. Although it has one drawback if you do not hit your goal, you do not get any of the money raised by it.
  • Indiegogo:They have a dedicated collection of films that used their platform for crowdfunding. Once you give them their fees, you can keep all the money raised for your campaign.
  • Seed&Spark:This website is immersed in a community that lives and breathes for films. It will also give you feedback on your campaign before launching it to get the best chance of meeting your goals.
  • Slated: This site is not easy to get into; you must have a proven audience to gain attention. However, if you can tempt an investor, it is seriously lucrative. This website is an amalgamation of writers, actors, investors, distributors, and producers.
  • Create a fundraising goal

Creating a fundraising goal for your film is always better before you start your campaign. You must consider all the costs of making your movie, including the payment of your crew and actors, the equipment, the rentals of all the locations and costumes, etc. Try to make a budget before deciding the goal for the fundraiser.

  • Make a pitch video

To convince your donors to help you crowdfund your film, you will have to make a pitch video about why people should support your film. The pitch video must be at most 5 minutes long. It will explain the purpose of your film while creating an emotional connection between your filmmaking team and your viewers. It is one of the stages where you will have to promote your idea and market your film before it has been made.

  • Offer incentives to donors

One of the best ways to show that you appreciate your supporters is to offer incentives for donating to your crowdfunding campaign. You can show their support by adding their names to the credits or even gifting them a digital copy of the film after its release. You can also invite them for the film’s premiere, after-parties, or days on-set. Giving them merchandise goods is also one of the best ways to show appreciation.

  • Engage your fans and supporters

Engagement with your fans and supporters can go a long way. Your donors can be someone from your inner circle of friends and family, your social media network, your colleagues, or even strangers who believe in your film. Approach all of them differently but be grateful to them for their support. Always be proactive about engaging with your donors and connecting with them.

Final Thought

Your story deserves to be told to the audience, no matter your financial situation. Many platforms will support you finance your film and help you tell the story on the big screen. Although, it is essential that before you start fundraising for your film, you must learn how a platform works.

Promoting your crowdfunding campaigns through various social media platforms is vital so they will be at the forefront of people’s minds. It is essential to understand the requirements of your potential supporter and have a different approach according to your target audience. This will ensure you meet your goals by the end of your campaign.


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