Due to this novel coronavirus, our daily lives now have much uncertainty. We’ve all learned how to change course, adapt, and press on with many fundraising ideas during COVID in the big wide world of fundraising. Yes, we’ve lost the ability to look people in the eye when we’re in person, but on the plus side, we have a fantastic new athleisure wardrobe.

Due to the pandemic situation, community fundraising events and activities have been put on indefinite hold. However, social isolation need not prevent you from participating in fundraising. 

Practical Ways To Raise Funds During Pandemic 

To weather a crisis like the pandemic, charities cultivating relationships with donors, communicating openly, and utiliZing technology have laid a solid foundation. As COVID-19 has an array of effects on us all, nonprofit executives must adjust their fundraising tactics to the situation and their particular donors. 

The following are a few tips for your nonprofit’s respectful and sincere fundraising efforts during a pandemic:

  • Start with compassion

Every single person on the planet has been impacted by COVID-19. Let your donors know you are aware of their needs, whether they are working virtually, giving back to their communities, attempting to find employment, providing care for others, or receiving care. The more respectfully you can ask for donations online, the more authentically you can connect.

  • Humbly share what you need

For instance, urgent overhead costs are what many nonprofit organizations require right now. Feel free to be open and honest with your donors about this. Start by outlining how much you must raise by the end of the month to continue. Additionally, you might consider joining most nonprofit organizations that have established emergency funds and distributed emergency.

  • Real-time rewriting of strategies 

Your fundraising plan must change because so much has changed. To continue as “normal” would seem out of touch. The current crisis is an opportunity to demonstrate to your community that you are paying attention to them and that you can work together to find solutions.

  • Expand your network of monthly donors

It’s a good idea to increase your organization’s monthly donor base right now if your finances remain stable over the long term. Make a plan, tell others about it, and track your progress! GlobalGiving makes it a point to match all new monthly donations to GlobalGiving partners because we recognize the value of doing so.

  • Involve more people virtually

Donors want meaningful online interaction! Now that the world is more online, we are witnessing tons of creativity in online fundraising and relationship building. Create a virtual 5K, invite supporters on a sofa safari, or collaborate with a yoga instructor to hold a virtual yoga class in exchange for donations! Make your work and yourself available.

  • Close carefully

You might need to change your usual sign-offs when communicating with your stakeholders via email to reflect our current challenging times. For instance, you might want to speak in more conventional terms than in the past.

  • Maintain your connections with sincerity

Your donor relationships should be strengthened, and the current crisis should be acknowledged in every communication you send. Ask if regularly scheduled communications like newsletters are still necessary at this time. And never forget to follow up with sincere gratitude.


We never imagined we’d burn out on Real Housewives, but here we are. Although none of us have enjoyed the pandemic, we are all moving forward in the world of COVID fundraising together. 

The old-fashioned galas will come back one day, but in the meantime, the above-mentioned Covid fundraising tips will involve your community, raise awareness of your cause, and raise the money you need to keep up the good fight.

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